My clients

2009:  Terita Darmangar Pars co. (IRAN)

Business card, envelope, letterhead, brochure Design

2010-2012: Rahpoyan Armaghan Saadat co. (IRAN)

Logo and website design

2012-2015: ZORAQ co. (IRAN)

Digital Marketing: Mobile and Web Calendar Design – Social Media – Internet Advertisement – Animated Banner Design – Member Of Graphic Designers Team For Holding Of second&third Nasir khusraw Travel Documentation Festival

2016: OTOshow co. (IRAN)

Logo, website, brochure design

2014-2018: Charalee Graydon (CANADA)

Cover book, Paper cover design

2016: Sina surgical operating center (IRAN)

Logo, envelope, business card, letterhead design

2017: Hanieh Ghasemi (Agent of Saman insurance co. IRAN)

Business card design

2017: Safayar Gohar Toos travel agency (IRAN)

Animated banner design, 1-ply brochures design

2017-2018: Neyestane Gomshodeh institute (IRAN)

All banner & Posters’ design for conventions, festivals and cultural activities

2018: Cafe Mozart (Spain)

Sergio Sison Cheka

Tel.: +34 647418512

Design of menu

2018: Noora Sarlak (Spain)

Design of 3-ply brochure

2018: Mahlagha Azarian (IRAN)

Design of her portfolio

2018: Mark J. scully (Australia)

Online: | Mobile site:


Design of his E-book cover

2018: Kids&Kafe role play center (SPAIN)

Logo, character, website, flyer, shopfront design

2018:  Jaufe Industry co. (IRAN)

Catalog, poster/stand design

2018:  Navid Bahman Shoe co. (IRAN)

Ad. design for magazine of MPEX exhibition

2018:  Eisert Hall (CANADA)

Design of postal card

2018:  Dr. Navid Soroush (IRAN)

Logo and visit card design

2018:  Mr. Mirmahdi (IRAN)

Billboard design for campaign against air pollution

2018:  Mr. Mikaeili, Pure Saff co. (IRAN)

Logo and package design for Iranian saffron export trademark

2019:  Persia Palayesh Pazh co. (IRAN)

Logo design

2020:  Mediators Beyond Borders International (MBBI) and Climate Change Policy Project (CCPP) (USA)

Design of climate change poster


Design of logo for Pax Natura podcast